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2020 NHL coronavirus suspension

We’ve been spared from more Sharks hockey this season

The NHL has ruled the season to be complete as of the pause mid-March, ending the Sharks’ season.

Erik Karlsson doesn’t see the point in Sharks returning

If they weren’t going to win a cup before the pause, they aren’t going to now.

Joel Kellman makes donation to save former club

As the community comes together to save the club, Kellman wants others to get the opportunity he did.

Sharks sign forward Fredrik Handemark

The Swedish forward is coming off a career year with the Malmo Redhawks of the SHL.

Joe Thornton shaves iconic “lifestyle beard” during season pause

Thornton’s daughter shaves his beard and Burns’ wife trims his hair ... we’re gonna have a whole new team, fellas.

Midweek Mailbag: Marleau’s future, Sharks bench bosses, and John Leonard’s fan club

We just started the club, but we’re gonna make jackets.

Get your Sharks face mask and help support Feeding America

Stay safe and help your neighbors.

Sharks legend John Scott says NHL camps to begin June 1

That’s "Insider John Scott" to you, actually.

2020 NFL Draft: First round order and open thread

A draft over video conference might be a peek into the NHL’s future.

Sharks players re-imagined as Bob’s Burgers characters by fan artist

Without Sharks hockey, one Sharks fan gets creative in staying entertained.

What it’s like to play in an empty arena

The Charlotte Checkers have played two games in empty arenas. If this becomes the new normal, Jake Chelios and Mark Morris have an idea of what that might look like.

The NHL won’t cancel the 2020 season, but they should

The league continues to make contingency plans to salvage the 2020 season. But what are they risking by pushing it?

Logan Couture wants you to stay home

The Sharks captain has a message for you and it’s "Let’s all look out for one another."

NHL Network to re-broadcast 2019 All-Star Weekend tonight

Relive the league’s best showing off their skills in San Jose.

Wilson and Boughner on next year, Karlsson and Hertl’s injuries, buy-outs, adding prospects

The Sharks’ GM and interim head coach held a conference call on Thursday afternoon.

Logan Couture wants Joe Thornton to finish his career on his terms

We all want to see Jumbo in a Sharks uniform at least one more time.

NHL Pacific Division stars chat: Couture cooped up, Getzlaf rips on everyone

How the coronavirus is battering Bay Area hockey

Melinda Karlsson offers advice on “hibernation”

"I spent 8 months hibernating and hiding from the world," she wrote on Twitter.

Logan Couture is starting a book club

To quote Arthur: "Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card!"

Fear the Fin in Quarantine: Streaming Guide

Stuck at home and missing hockey? Here’s our ultimate streaming guide.

Christina Marleau signs emails as “Deez Nutzz XD” after son’s prank

Let me be clear: this absolutely owns.

Jon Taffer, please rescue the Sharks

My pitch for the next Rescue series? Sharks Rescue.

What will player conditioning look like after self-quarantine?