Pavelski charity golf


A story from Wisconsin on the annual Pavelski charity golf tourney.



Something i put together in media arts class

AP Story on Pavelski


Apparently, Joe's twin has been suiting up for him.

Playoffs 2013!


Hi guys, heres a little video made for the playoffs. Hope u like it! The song is Fucken Problems by ASAP Rocky

Fenwick and Playoffs


I missed this. Of interest to ppl wanting to know association b/w Fenwick and Playoffs.

Remembering Ryane Clowe


Here is my inspiring video for Ryane Clowe. RIP.

Sharks reportedly acquire Scott Hannan


According to Darren Dreger, the Sharks have acquired Scott Hannan from Nashville for a conditional 6th rounder.

In Praise of Staying the Course and the Vancouver and San Jose models


Retweeted by Neutral earlier, this is Cam Charron of Canucks Army making a pretty good case for why the Sharks shouldn't do a panic move just yet.

Shot location search tool (yup)


What the link title says... shots, goals, and, location. Don't know if you guys heard of it, but it was featured in a Japers article. I hadn't seen it until today.