Fear The Fin Fantasy Hockey Leagues Now Open

Fantasies are a funny thing. When I was a wee little lad, I would fantasize about playing professional hockey and leading my team to the Stanley Cup. Roofed shots, cross crease passes, backhanders that found twine. It was visceral and it was real, it was going to happen no matter what. Now I just fantasize about maybe eating a good meal on Friday night, getting away with going 71 in a 65, and having enough players on my fantasy team who do all the things I knew I was going to do when I grew up to be 23 years old.

I also play a lot of RPG's . As a level 30 soldier, I can assure you that the Reaper threat will be extinguished by next March and dragons will be slain this holiday season. I'm a jack of all trades really.

At any rate, this season FTF will have four fantasy hockey leagues available for everyone to join. With competition expected to be fierce, and snack cake munching expected to reach historic levels once the season gets underway, make sure to secure your spot soon. I finished a woeful 13th last season in "FTF Invitational" after finishing 3rd the year before, so if you're looking for some easy wins, make sure to join that one. If you're interested in competing against a member of the Russian Mafia, join "FTF Invitational 2" where Ivan will be ruling with an iron fist as commissioner. And if you're looking to show your appreciation for all the hard work our site moderators put in, make sure to join either "Our Stalock" or the "Deke Squad" league and spew out some family friendly trash talk to ZeroIndulgence and idunno723.

The choice is yours, but choose wisely-- in the interest of making sure everyone gets an opportunity to play this season, please sign up for just one league this season. We want everyone to get a chance to compete with members of the FTF community.

We will be using Yahoo! again this year. Go to this page and enter in the League ID and password you see below. It should be on the left hand side of your screen.

FTF Invitational
League ID: 42362
Password: hamburgers

FTF Invitational 2
League ID: 42736
Password: imisswallin

Our Stalock (an FTF Production)
League ID: 42743
Password: whoartingoal

FTF Deke Squad
League ID: 42716
Password: awkpatty

Have fun, and most importantly, draft Rob Blake, Brian Rafalski, and Mark Recchi in the first round, especially if you're in "FTF Invitational." All Cup winners, and magnificent players who should put up some big points this season.

[Editor's Note]: If all the spots are taken in either of these Leagues when you try to join, let us know in the comments. We will either open up another league or elect a community member to act as Commissioner.