Fear the Fin Live at the 2010 NHL Entry Draft

Greetings, Sharks faithful. It is we, your trusted Sharks writers Plank and TCY. We have arrived at the Staples Center with much fanfare, and are looking forward to providing you with up to the millisecond Sharks coverage. Stop by throughout the day for updates, and keep up with us on Twitter. (@fearthefin, @FTFsTCY)

We'll have a live thread up starting at 3:30 PM.


The NHL Draft: The ream. Desire. The tree.


We're up close, and right behind the Sharks table. That is, until they figure out who we are and push us back 20 rows.


Either Chara got shorter in the off season, or the gray manikin store was out of XXXL's.

We'll keep updating as we get more in.

Go Sharks.