Fear the Fin Picks the Second Round*

Except the Islanders-Lightning series because we weren't prepared for the NHL's awful schedule.

You might remember we picked the first round of the playoffs and if you particularly hate one or all of us you probably already know we didn't do that well. Out of a possible 72 correct picks in the first round we got...44. So, that's better than half! Which is something! But not exactly something any of us will put on our business cards.

Anyway, as gluttons for punishment we're now picking (most of) the second round of the playoffs. Because the NHL decided to start the second round before the end of the first one we weren't able to get all of our Lightning-Islanders picks in on time. As such, this is Fear the Fin Picks Most of the Second Round Because the NHL is Assholes.

Right. To the picks.

Sharks/Predators Blues/Stars Penguins/Capitals
jake.sundstrom Sharks/5 Blues/6 Penguins/6
evan.arnold Sharks/6 Blues/6 Capitals/6
EmilyG Sharks/6 Stars/7 Penguins/7
Maddie_Bahr Sharks/6 Blues/6 Capitals/6
Aaron Polevoi Sharks/6 Blues/7 Capitals/7
dfinhockey Predators/6 Blues/6 Penguins/7
Richard Iurilli Sharks/6 Blues/6 Capitals/7
Marcus White Sharks/6 Blues/6 Capitals/7