Fear the Fin-tasy hockey leagues now open!

Okay, the title was low-hanging fruit. But you should still sign up!

Once again we've hit that magical time of the year: fantasy hockey time.

Besides the fact that it means reality hockey is just around the corner, fantasy hockey provides a ton of value for fans. Personally, diving into fantasy hockey made me a much bigger and better hockey fan. It gave me a reason to follow along with the rest of the league.

And the knowledge I gained paid off when I was watching the Sharks. I knew which visiting players were dominating, which ones were faltering, and which up-and-comers would score their first career NHL goal against San Jose.

Also, if your team is any goood, you can rub it your friends' and blog-mates' faces.

This year, Fear the Fin will start with four leagues open. We'll continue running the leagues like we have before: 20-team, head-to-head Yahoo leagues.

You'll have plenty of options for leagues. There's the FTF Invitational, with plenty of tradition and yours truly ruling as the commissioner. Our fearless leader, The Neutral, heads up FTF Invitational 2 - a proving ground that usually has plenty of familiar faces. From there, we have FTF 33 1/3, headed by the lovely mymclife, and FTF 4: Sasquatch Samurai, headed up by the equally lovely jake.sundstrom.

Follow the link to join! (Please don't join multiple leagues). If it says the league is full, try a different one. If they're all full, let us know in the comments and we'll open up another one. We'll likely need at least one or two more.

FTF Invitational
(Invite only. If you were in it last year, you have a week until I give your spot away.)

FTF Invitational 2

FTF 33 1/3

FTF 4: Sasquatch Samurai


FTF 5: Funny names are hard


FTF Into Sharksness (FTF 6)
(Draft: 9/29 @ 5:00 pm)

I've made the default draft dates September 28th at 7:00 pm Pacific. If that does not work for you, let your commissioner know on the league's message board and we'll see if we can change it!

Good luck!