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Fear the Fin User Guide

Fear The Fin will no longer be supported by Vox Media

This is my final post.

Fear the Fin will go dark on Monday

We join with SB Nation NHL against Vox Media’s response to AB5.

From the Editor: On accepting change

To the best fans in the league, a sincere thank you.

@FeartheFinGame back for 2018-19 season

From the Editor: New season, new staff

Well...a lot of the same staff, too.

From the Editor: On covering Evander Kane

Let’s set some groundwork.

From the Editor: Let’s talk New Year

Do you have thoughts about the site? We want to hear from you!

Introduce yourself to Fear the Fin

We’re all friends here, right?

Welcome to the new Fear the Fin!

Let’s get this party started.

Fear the Fin: Under New Management

No worries - just like the Sharks, we don’t need a rebuild.