Fear the Fin Video Chat: Answering questions about UFAs and Sharks-Kings

You have questions, I pretend to have answers.

For the second week running I fielded your questions over at Facebook for a live video. This is a feature I'll be doing at around 10 a.m. on Mondays from here on out, so if you don't like us on Facebook yet...well, now's a good time to correct that.

I answered questions about the impending unrestricted free agent decisions the Sharks will be facing, including the likelihood of re-signing the players acquired from the Toronto Maple Leafs this season. I also discussed the possibility of getting James Reimer a game in the next couple of days and what that could mean for the Sharks goaltending going forward.

The video is embedded below — or you can head over to our Facebook page to see it in its natural habitat. Hopefully the next time I do this we'll have long been celebrating a Sharks' series victory. Cross your fins or whatever and go Sharks.