Fear the Fin's "Night at the Tank" - December 26th

Members, devoted readers, serial lurkers... lend me your ears eyes.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a big night for Fear the Fin. No, there wasn't a Heatley trade. No, Plank wasn't named Assistant to the General Manager. But, close.

Tonight, we're gathering interest for Fear the Fin's first annual "Night at the Tank."

First off, I have to give credit to Mina. Her recent Fanpost "Official Fear the Fin Meet-up Game(s)" got me thinking... lets make this thing officially official!

Plank and I have chosen December 26th as the date, when our San Jose Sharks will face the hated Ducks of Anaheim. Last time Fear the Fin had a meet-up against the Ducks, good things and good times happened.

So, here's the deal: We need a devoted group of at least 25 to qualify as a "group".

Benefits include:

  1. $6 dollars off a single game ticket
  2. A shout out to our group on the JumboTron and Video Banner
  3. The privilege of sitting with at least 24 other Fear the Fin Sharks fans!

In addition, Plank and I will knock the premium off any item at the Fear the Fin store (I think the biggest markup is a dollar, but hey... it's a rough economy) for anyone in the group. I'll be rocking my button... fun times!

Last time, we partied at my house before, but we'll most likely descend upon Downtown San Jose for this one. I'm positive that we'll have a fantastic time.

What we need from you...

  1. If you are a current member of FTF, let us know if you would like to join us by commenting in the thread.
  2. If you aren't a current member, but would like to join us at the game, either sign up for an account and comment (yay!), or send me an email (mattt.taylor@gmail.com).
  3. As we're all pretty poor 'round here, we're limited to three seating areas [seating chart]. Please let us know what price range you're looking for: $37, $30 or $15 after the $6 discount.

We'll figure out payment stuff later, but the staff merely wanted to get a feel for the interest level.

Hope to see ya'll at the game!