More things you didn't know you wanted to know about the San Jose Sharks

Return of the Fin Facts II: Electric Boogaloo Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love the Sharks Episode II: Attack of the Bad Movie Title Ripoffs

As you may remember, over the summer I came across a fantastic feature of the Sharks site called Fin Facts. For those just joining us, Fin Facts are interesting nuggets of information about Sharks players. Sometimes they're amazing ("Patrick Marleau's favorite Avenger is Iron Man, but he does not own an Iron Man suit. He also has an immense respect for the Hulk"), other times not so much ("Joe Pavelski grows a red beard even though he has brown hair").

With a new season comes a new batch of Fin Facts. All of these are true, and can be found on the Sharks official website.

As Found In Every Media Guide

Is the first Shark to wear No. 81 - Tyler Kennedy

Is the first Shark to wear No. 83 - Matt Nieto

Prefers Czech pronunciation of his first name, TOE-mawsh - Tomas Hertl

Is the first California-born player selected by San Jose in the NHL Draft (Long Beach) - Matt Nieto

Played for the LA Selects - Matt Nieto

Athletes Enjoy Sports

Hates golfing behind slow golfers - Joe Pavelski

Captain and quarterback of his high school football team at St. John’s Prep and was all-conference as a junior and senior, losing in the "Super Bowl" championship game both years - John McCarthy

His fantasy hockey team name would be "The Jumbotrons" - Joe Thornton

Cool Story, Bro

Biggest influence on his hockey career was his family - Scott Hannan

His parents were the biggest influence on his hockey career - Raffi Torres

Would want to fight one horse-sized duck rather than 100 duck-sized horses - Marty Havlat

If he could hang out with one person in history it would be Chris Farley - Alex Stalock

Says that Mark Wahlberg would be the actor to star in a movie about his life - Tyler Kennedy

If he could hang out with one person in history it would be Nelson Mandela - Scott Hannan

Has the ability to cross one eye - John McCarthy

Fantastic Nicknames

"TK" states that his first job was cutting grass - Tyler Kennedy

"Matty" states that his first job was being a berry picker - Matt Irwin

"Al" has the hidden talent of being a great fisherman - Alex Stalock

"Desi" can’t live without his shoes - Andrew Desjardins

"Shep" has a hidden talent of being very good at badminton - James Sheppard

Actually Fantastic Nicknames

Nickname is "Hammer" in the Sharks dressing room - Tomas Hertl

"Tico" says that he can't live without his contact lenses - Raffi Torres

"Kicking Bird" states that Gerard Butler would star in a movie about his life - Marty Havlat

"Jumbo" wishes his nickname was "handsome" - Joe Thornton

Alternate Careers

Would be an air traffic controller if he wasn’t playing hockey professionally - Justin Braun

Would be involved with medicine or languages if he was not playing hockey professionally - Jason Demers

Would be in the military if he was not playing hockey professionally - Brent Burns

Would be a baseball player if not for playing in the NHL - Joe Thornton

Good Thing He Plays Hockey

Would be a gym teacher if he were not playing hockey professionally - Tyler Kennedy

If he was not a professional hockey player he would be a grocer - Matt Irwin

Would be an actor if he wasn’t playing hockey professionally - Marc-Edouard Vlasic

His first job was a bus boy at a restaurant - Raffi Torres

His first job was a pizza chef - Justin Braun

Player is a Style Network Fan

Feels as if he has better suits than both Don Cherry and Don Draper - Brent Burns

Can’t live without a pair of well-fitting "britches" - James Sheppard

Acknowledges that he is most likely to over pack for the road - Brent Burns

Thinks that Don Cherry has better suits than Don Draper - Patrick Marleau

Most Interesting Girlfriend In The World

His girlfriend, Jessie Lysiak, was a finalist on the FOX show "MasterChef 4" and is the daughter of Tom Lysiak, a 13-year NHL veteran with Atlanta and Chicago - Justin Braun

Patrick Marleau and Brad Stuart are the Same Person

Refuses to eat salmon of any kind - Patrick Marleau

Refuses to eat blue cheese - Brad Stuart

His hidden talent is juggling - Patrick Marleau

Hidden talent is juggling - Brad Stuart