Five for 25: Best Sharks jerseys through the years

In the first of a new series on Fear the Fin, I take a look through the five best Sharks jerseys.

Editor's Note: We have a new series at Fear the Fin that will center around the Sharks' 25th anniversary. This new series will look at serious topics (top five players) and...the less important stuff, too (you're reading one of those). We hope the walk down memory lane will be mostly enjoyable — I fully expect to see y'all disagreeing with these lists in the comments for the days and weeks to come.


The Sharks have some of the best jerseys not just in the NHL, but in all of sports (PERSONAL OPINION ALERT). Teal is as underused and neglected today as it was the day San Jose first unveiled its hockey colors. So, naturally, my top five jerseys are going to really feature the color of champions regular season champions. All uniform photos are from our good friends at

5. 1998-2003 home

I love this jersey. The layers of black/grey/teal with that arch-like swoop...yeah, this is the good shit.

4. Alternate 2008-Present

On one hand...good lord am I tired of black jerseys. I don't care who's wearing them anymore, they should all probably be put on ice for another decade. That being said...I do really like these...or did, before overuse and painful memories clawed deep into my retinas.

3. Home 2007-13

These aren't my favorite teal jerseys (obviously) but they are the first home jersey the Sharks wore when I was first really getting into the team, so they'll always hold a special place in my heart. The shoulder yoke is nice and I like the symmetry of having the black and orange stripes in four places on the jerseys well enough.

2. Road 2003-07

Now, I know...I'm probably in the minority on this guy, but I love it for much the same reason I loved the away jersey earlier in this post. When I see this, even without the logo, I would think *shark* — and isn't that kind of the point?

1. Road 1991-98

If you can see these jerseys without thinking about this then you need to watch it a few more times until the brainwashing is complete. I wasn't a Sharks fan when these were worn (I was only four when they stopped wearing them), but I've fallen in love with these jerseys over the years. I love everything about them — the grey stripes instead of black, the heavy, heavy dose of teal and even the stupid little shark patches on the shoulders. These are great.