Free Jumbo Photoshop Expo

On Saturday, Sharks Captain Joe Thornton was suspended for two games after a hit on Blues forward David Perron in the neutral zone.

Here is our coverage of the event:

  • Video: Thornton ejected for blindside hit on David Perron [link]
  • Joe Thornton suspended for two games after hit on David Perron [link]
  • Backing a league approved video explaining suspensions [link]
  • John Thornton to Pierre Lebrun: "When Joe asked the league, directly, what he could have done differently, they could not explain" [link]/

Mymclife, a writer for Fear The Fin, got this sign on CSN-CA's broadcast of Saturday's game against the Tampa Bay Lightning.


We should have a ‘Free Joe FTF Expo’. We’re overdue for a photochopathon.



You know what to do FTF readers. I want to see HP Pavilion filled to the brim with posters of these photoshops on Tuesday night.

Go Sharks.