Friday Chum Bucket: In riveting lockout news, Owen Nolan sells some land

  • Former Sharks captain Owen Nolan sold his 1,157-acre ranch in the Hamilton foothills to the Santa Clara County parks and recreation department (fitting seeing as Nolan was basically the Ron Swanson of the NHL) for $2.6 million to enlarge Grant County Park. [San Jose Mercury News]
  • Did you think the NHLPA was the only North American hockey players' union currently undergoing turmoil? Think again! The CHLPA is only a few months old but has already proven to be a complete shitshow. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • And, as a result, CHLPA director and former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque has resigned. [Buzzing the Net]
  • That decision may or may not have had something to do with the scene out of The Sopranos that was someone allegedly loosening the bolts of the tire on Laraque's hybrid, causing it to come rolling off. Surreal stuff. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • So the NHL didn't cancel the Winter Classic yesterday after all. [SB Nation]
  • ...But that doesn't necessarily mean we should expect hockey back by then. The league has indicated they aren't interested in bringing in a federal mediator to settle things. [ESPN]
  • If you thought irrational stat-phobia and a massive aversion to sabremetrics by media-types was exclusive to sports, you thought wrong. State poll aggregator and federal election analyst Nate Silver (formerly a baseball numbers guy) is finding out as much after being the target of the three-pronged hellfork that is corporate American cable "news" in recent days. Really well-written article here. [Deadspin]