Friday Chum Bucket: Listen to HNIC Radio interview Todd McLellan

  • Todd McLellan discusses everything from the disappointing second half of the Sharks' season to the concussion he sustained in Minnesota in an interview with Hockey Night in Canada Radio. [CBC]
  • Dan Boyle thinks both sides are to blame for the stall in negotiations between the NHL and PA. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Speaking of those negotiations, the NHL formally withdrew their 50/50 proposal from last Tuesday despite the fact that the PA never had any intention of accepting it. In related news, my rec league team withdrew our contract offer to Pavel Datsyuk. [LeBrun]
  • What's particularly frustrating about all this is that the two sides remain closer than they've ever been and, at least by the numbers, on the brink of a settlement. [The Globe & Mail]
  • But of course that doesn't matter since the NHL is going to do what the NHL is going to do, which means likely cancelling even more games today. [Defending Big D]
  • Now that the Islanders are slated to move to Brooklyn, it's time for everyone's favorite pretentious hipster music review site Pitchfork to start covering hockey games. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Do you live in the tri-state area and get MSG (the TV station, not the amino acid)? Watch Joe Pavelski's Dinamo Minsk take on Victor Hedman's Barys Atana today at 1PM ET. [NY Daily News]
  • An anonymous NHL executive participated in a pretty interesting Ask Me Anything interview on Reddit, somehow escaping without anyone asking him who his favorite My Little Pony character is or whether he's writing in Ron Paul on his election ballot. [SB Nation]