FTF Fantasy Hockey Now Open For Business

What's up internet nerds. It's your supreme and not so very benevolent overlord here with some fantasy hotcakes to sell. Let's get to it.

FTF Invitational (we'll call it the main league only because it has all authors playing in it) has been set up to about 75% capacity, with returning managers from last year invited based off their performance. Anyone who finished in the lower quarter was unfortunately not given a space (heartless one, he is). Here are the final standings from last season for anyone interested:


More like TCY's Oopsicrappedmypants, amiright? Hahaha


So yeah, much respect to Oh My Goc! and ZeroIndulgence for their solid showing last year. Goc was in first place from just about start to finish, big time fantasy guy who should attempt to defend his title admirably. A terrible last week of the season ruined my chances at locking down second place, but I intend to change all that this season. With a 1-2 punch of Thomas Greiss and Tommy Wingels, McGinnit to Winnit will be an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Think Dominek Hasek on acid. From Bombay to Bakersfield I'll be dropping boisterous barrages to your bodies, can you imagine beating me-- oh don't be so foolhardy! Sit back and watch McGinnit to Winnit shine, I've got more style than Calvin Klein, the ladies tell me I'm better looking than Fabio and Brad Pitt combined*.

*With rhymes like that I think no higher than a ninth place finish is in the cards. Huge mistake.

There are a couple spaces left open from last year that we're going to be filling, and I've contacted those individuals via email. Be sure to check your inbox before proceeding.

Since I'm already in about three leagues outside of FTF Invitational, I enlisted my roomate to run two other FTF sponsored leagues with my help. He's a hockey enthusiast who got into the game in middle school and should be a good guy to run the leagues-- not very competitive, his first time playing fantasy in fact, but responsible enough to make sure everyone is happy and everything is running smoothly. What follows is the sign-up information for those leagues.

[Editor's Note]: Only sign up for one league-- any dual emails will result in termination of said user from every league he/she signed up for. We want to keep this open to as many people as possible, so please respect your peers.

FTF 2: Easy Morning Rebels

League ID: 44174

Password: mymorningjacket

FTF 3: Nichol and Diming

League ID: 44176

Password: faceoffprowess

[Update, 2:00 PM]: We ran into an overflow, so here is another league that we've set up.

FTF 4: Michael Boyleton

League ID: 44989

Password: steelbars

All drafts will be held on Saturday October 2nd at 4:00 PM PST, and everyone (regardless of skill level) is more than welcome to sign up. Points scoring will be the same as last season.

I do ask that if you sign up for a league you make sure to keep your roster/lineup relatively up to date. It's always a bummer when one person falls out of the race due to a lack of trying, especially when you consider it takes about five minutes per day at the most.

If these leagues fill up quickly, we'll be sure to open up more for everyone to enjoy. Make some noise in the comments if everything is booked, and I'll swing by around noon to open up a new league or two if necessary.

Enjoy, folks.

Go Sharks.