FTF Online Store Adds Six New Designs

Back just in time to take advantage of the Christmas Spirit (and loose wallets), it's a new edition of the Fear The Fin online store!

But before you let classic favorites like "Bleed Teal Patty" and "Teach Me How To Dougie" catch your eye (keep your head up!), take a look at what we have in stock! Remember kids, it's an online store, so even if you've got little "T-Rexin Arms" that make it hard to reach up to the top shelf at the department store, these tees and hoodies are just a click away! It's so easy a "Wooly Mammoth" could do it!

Introducing The Big Pavelski, a shirt featuring Joe Pavelski's famous silhouette during his game five overtime winning goal against the Dallas Stars. Perfect for the jingoistic American, The Big Pavelski never stays down and always comes up swinging! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Next up is the one, the only, the triumphant meeting of internet memes and goofy headshots, the pixelated glory that is...McGnyan Cat! Although the image on the shirt may stand still, we imagine that McGnyan cat has pierced your very heart and soul and left a sparkling rainbow trail behind. Not only is it stylish, but it's as lucky as a horseshoe made of golden rabbit's feet tatooed with four leaf clovers. McGinn has five goals and three assits in the nine games since McGnyan first dashed across a computer screen. Of course, that has to be a direct result of the shirt and has nothing to do with any player improvement!

And who could forget the devastating duo of Ryane Clowe and Logan Couture? The Cloweture shirt is perfect for male siblings who always have each other's back and never let those schoolyard bullies take their milk money. Boom! Bang! Kapow!

And how about that smoooooth looking trifecta on the second line eh? If any of you juvenile males are thinking of picking up the Pickles shirt for your girlfriend as a gag gift, be our guest! Just make sure to pick up a Burns one as well, cause once she opens the package you'll want to look the part as she sends a screaming hot karate chop straight to the five hole! Yeowwww! It Burns indeed!

And who could forget the Flop on Figueroa? Well we kind of did considering that happened about eight months ago, but what the hey right? Celebrate your fandom by owning a t-shirt commemorating one of the craziest events to happen in the NHL playoffs last season and pretend The Stanchion never even happened!

The_big_pavelski_logo_medium Mcgnyan_cat_logo_medium Cloweture_logo_medium
I__3_pickles_logo_medium It_8urns__logo_medium Flop_on_fig_logo_medium
Picture_7_medium Picture_6_medium
Picture_1_medium Picture_4_medium Picture_3_medium

Click on an image to be taken to that shirt's specific page.

But that's not all! For all you Grinches out there who are complaining about not being able to have these tees under the tree in time for Christmas morning, make the jump to pick up your very own printable stocking stuffer! It will explain to your wonderful friends and family why they'll be getting their gifts a little late this year!

It's perfect to slip into a card, put in a stocking, or use as kindling to start the fire!

Let it Clowe, let it Clowe, let it Clowe! All Hail Stalock! Merry Christmas!