FTF Regular Season Cheat Sheet: Home Base


Greetings internet nerds! Here you will find links to the various pieces Mr. Plank and TCY put out over the course of the last twenty four hours detailing the remaining players left on San Jose's training camp roster. As one intent reader picked up on, the pairings we used in these articles were not our selections for the team, but instead were the lines McLellan rolled out against Phoenix in the final preseason game.

After the jump is our final roster- there you will find our proposed lines and defensive pairings. Sometime today David Pollak of Working The Corners will report the final cuts, and that information will be updated on the front page of this post. In fact, it's going to go right here ----> (my dream was always to become a link!)

[Editor's Note]: Dreams die obviously- Pollak reports that final cuts won't be made until Wednesday.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy.

Here are our final line selections for the 2009-2010 San Jose Sharks.


Heatley Thornton Setoguchi
Marleau Pavelski Clowe
McGinn Malhotra Ferriero
Shelley Nichol McLaren
Scratch: Ortemeyer


Boyle Murray
Vlasic Blake
Huskins Demers
Scratch: Callahan



Torrey Mitchell will be placed on the LTIR. As we mentioned earlier, we're hoping for a mid-November return at the earliest. Does he come back that soon? Doubtful. The bet is that he won't see a lick of time in 2009, only returning when the appropriate cap space has been cleared. This roster is currently sitting $695,836 away from the ceiling. That is roughly half of what Mitchell is due to make this season.

Bank on mid-January depending on who makes the final cut.

Go Sharks.