FTFantasy Hockey: We didn't totally forget!

I'm the Josh Ho-Sang of fantasy hockey commissioners: talented, but late.

The hockey season is back! Hooray! And that can mean only one thing.... "Oh shit, I haven't renewed the fantasy hockey leagues yet!"

Sorry about that. It got a little lost in the shuffle of a new season starting, graduating, and joining Jake as one of the two co-managing editors of the blog. Welcome to our co-reign of co-terror, by the way.

The good news is, with "week 1" of the fantasy hockey season lasting a week and a half, we can still get these leagues sorted out while only having one less match-up. Thank you, Yahoo.

Last year, I promised more continuity, and I'm following through with some of those promises!

Format-wise, Each league will have 20 teams facing off in head-to-head match-ups. Slightly different categories than traditional fantasy hockey: we count faceoff wins & blocks, but no +/- & no PIM. People didn't riot last year, so we're sticking with it. Please feel free to riot if you think I'm wrong.

I remain commissioner in each league to ensure trades are fair. I honestly won't be likely to keep up with 5+ leagues, so enjoy your not-quite bye-weeks when you face my team!

I've decided not to institute keepers. The logistics of setting that up for up to 140 teams is insane. Not to mention it's probably a little too tough for some teams to move up the ladder in a 20 team league if there are keepers. But, I have stuck to my promotion/relegation idea. The winners from FTF 2 & 3 got invites to the FTF Invitational league with most of your favorite people. The few people that did move out of the top league were invited to FTF2. Not all the champions made their emails viewable, however, so a couple league champions couldn't get the invite. If you won a league and don't see your invite, leave a comment, and I'll try to squeeze you into FTF Invitational 2.

Okay enough of that, here are the leagues:

FTF Invitational - Invite only

FTF Open Invitational 2.0 - Closed

(The best teams from the other leagues will be added to this pool. Also likely to have some open spots.)

Everyone has until Wednesday 10/14 to accept their invites for the above leagues, or we'll give away your spots.

FTF 3 John Scott Memorial League - Full
(Draft Sat 10/17)

FTF 4 A New Hope - Full
(Draft Sun 10/18)

FTF Fa5t & Furiou5 - Full
(Draft Sat 10/17)

If 3, 4, and 5 fill up, I'll open up more! Just leave a comment and complain!

Good luck!


3,4, & 5 filled up to the max, 2.0 went to 18 and I locked it there to ensure we kept an even number. Not bad considering we missed a week!