Game 4 Wrap Up: Pathetic

Sick. Of. This.

This game was practically an elimination game, and the Sharks played like a team that didn't care.

Not the best way to win a series.

I'm disgusted. I've got nothing left to say.

Well, I always have a little bit to say. Here are my keys to the Sharks loss tonight:

  • No Sustained Pressure: The Sharks were unable to keep the offense moving for any substantial amount of time tonight. Anaheim did a great job of clogging up the lanes, getting bodies in the way of passes and shots.
  • Nabokov: I'm sorry, but I'm just not seeing it anymore. Nabby let in two soft goals (1st goal, 3rd goal), that are just plain inexcusable. I'm not saying that Boucher should start, but Nabby's best days are behind him. I used to trust him to put together a solid string of saves, but not anymore. The five-hole goals are killing me.
  • Thornton: I'm the biggest Joe apologist in San Jose, but Joe has been awful this whole series. He's tried to make the big pass instead of making the smart pass, but has only helped to stagnate the offense.
  • No speed: The Sharks skated heavily, with absolutely no drive whatsoever. I can hardly remember an odd man rush all game, and the transition was stagnant. Pitiful.

I'm sick of moral victories. Shot advantage, hit advantage, blah. I'm done with it. I still have faith, and I'm still going to game five. I'll root harder for the Sharks than I ever have before. But, for the first time in the series, I can't say that the Sharks deserved to to win. They played terribly in a game which was practically an elimination matchup. It's even harder when you watch the game, and you see that the arena is half empty. Sharks fans deserve better than this.

Go Sharks. Please.