Game 5 Wrap Up: GO SHARKS

UPDATE: So, after last night's win and subsequent festivities, the wrap up never happened. Many apologies. However, many great wrap-ups were written (check out CT Gray's, or workthecycle's), and are worth a read.

Here's what I'll say about last night...

The team finally played like they cared, and I have faith that they can push this to a game seven.

What worries me though, is that Nabokov was unable to stop two easy shots with a 2-0 lead. Like we've said before, he's got to be the one that can step up and make a save when his team needs him.

Also, I've never been one to criticize McLellan, but I'm glad he finally went back to the lines that brought him here. One of Setoguchi's biggest compliments for McLellan was this: Seto said that he felt he could make a mistake and not worry about being overly punished, as was the case with Wilson. So my question is, why does McLellan feel that he needed to switch the lines after a poor game one? Questionable.

But, that's in the past. The lines are back together, and the Sharks are on a (one game) winning streak. I can't wait for tomorrow.

(Another note: In a tough, physical game, the best check was the beauty thrown by the linesman on Grier. If that doesn't happen, OT probably doesn't either)

Last Night's Revelry:

Plank, CT Gray, Lurker Shark, Ang6666, and Workthecycle are all at my house.

Just wanted to show up and say...

Go Sharks!