Gameday Thread: Canucks lead Sharks 1-0 after first period, Luongo brilliant

San Jose doing a lot of the little things right thus far, but Roberto Luongo is countering with doing some big things. Start working the puck behind the net and along the end line more, force him into a zone where he is not as comfotable. Because right now he's extremely comfortable.

Other than that, liked what I saw from the Sharks. Outside of the goal against of course-- bad turnover by Murray begind the net and there's no excuse for Marleau in not picking up Burrows right there, especially with the Sedins on the ice. Against that line you need massive amounts of forward support.

Related: The Sedins have been the best line for Vancouver tonight hands down. Only tertiary concern I have with the Sharks play in that period is their inability to contain them, the fact that Vancouver is able to run free in the neutral zone (could wear down San Jose by end of the third), and that 5v3.

That missed opportunity on the 5v3 is going to hurt. Although the period as a whole was great, that's a part in the game where you have to get one home. Would have liked to see some more tenacity on loose pucks, Vancouver Dmen got too many chances to clear (think it was three clears) when they're outnumbered so badly.

Other than that, continue to preach the system. A lot of good things going right now. All it's about is conversion.