Gameday Thread: Sharks trail Wings 3-1 after twenty minutes


Another classic case. Just have to figure out which day (April 19th 2011 or May 6th 2010) this episode is going to feature.

Nicklas Lidstrom's second goal of the period was less explosive than Bobby Ryan's against Nashville but required much more hand eye coordination and "refined" skill (versus "explosive" skill). After thinking about it for a bit I think I have to go with Ryan's as being superior just because it was so exciting, but ask me at the next intermission and I might go with Lidstrom's.

Regardless, nothing too insightful here. Sharks need to be about ten times better if they're going to come back and avoid repeating history. Thornton looked very good however, which is good to see from your Captain. Leading by example only works when people start to follow.

Couture with the Sharks lone goal of the period, a big one in the grand scheme of things. One more this period gets them within striking distance.