Gameday Thread: Wings dominate the second period but Sharks still lead by one

Complete reversal of fortunes for both clubs in that period as Detroit takes it to San Jose, outshooting them 17-6. Zetterberg with a beauty move on the Wings lone goal, taking a pass and cutting across the ice before roofing it backhand. That's how you use your edges, kids. Hope you're taking notes.

Both Dan Cleary and Todd Bertuzzi out for Detroit. Officially Bertuzzi is the only one that won't return but judging by that head shot on Cleary you have to figure he won't be seeing any ice time either. Hate to see that to happen to a warrior like Cleary, especially in a game seven. That being said it's a good thing for San Jose-- Detroit's forward depth has been massively depleted.

And so begins a third period that will begin with a tenuous one goal lead. This is the moment you've been waiting for folks. Sit back and enjoy it.

Twenty minutes. Nothing less.