Giving thanks for the San Jose Sharks. Mostly.

Happy Shorksgiving

The Fear the Fin staff got together to submit what they're thankful for in relation to our (sorta) favorite hockey team (usually). It's a work in progress. Here are their (unabridged) answers.

Jonathan Wold: I'm thankful that Patrick Marleau is a Shark, and I'm thankful that despite a decade of trade rumors, he still is. Watching him pick up his 1000th point obviously meant a lot to him, but I think it meant just as much to the fans who have watched him play year after year. Myself included. Marleau's been with the team basically the entire time I've been aware of hockey. I can't imagine him in any other jersey.

jake.sundstrom: I'm thankful the Sharks have given be a doctor-approved reason to drink for the past 10 five years.

chillkessel: I'm thankful that the Bruins were inept enough to trade Martin Jones.

Like a Bossk: When it comes to the San Jose Sharks, I am most thankful for Tomas Hertl, and what he means to the team's present success, as well as their future. When the Sharks drafted Hertl in 2012, we knew the organization was getting a player who could help re-stock its barren cupboard of talented offensive prospects, and ensure talent remains in the system when Patrick Marleau and Joe Thornton inevitably depart or retire. But so far, Hertl's been more than that. He's electrified the fanbase with dazzling offensive ability before an injury cut short his rookie campaign, and showing that he can handle the larger responsibilities of playing center after a down sophomore campaign. Off the ice, he's won us over with his unique rehab methods, love of Dave & Buster's, and his honest dislike of the Los Angeles Kings and Don Cherry. His early success and lovable personality make the looming losses of Marleau and Thornton much easier to swallow.
I'm thankful that, as long as Hertl remains in teal, that fun must be always :-))

Becca Ou: I’m thankful to the Sharks for bringing the sprit of winter to snowless Northern California. Winter wouldn’t be the same without Sharks hockey.

Jon Allred: I'm thankful Sharks games have been a part of my Thanksgiving week for years.