GM Doug Wilson thinks the Sharks are "a better hockey team today"

The San Jose GM was all sunshine and rainbows at Fan Fest on Saturday.

The San Jose Sharks twitter account posted a 10 minute interview with Doug Wilson from Saturday's Fan Fest. You can watch the entirety of the video below. I've got some highlights from it below the video.

On having the AHL affiliate in San Jose:

Having Roy Sommer and his staff out here the players have the opportunity to impress Peter DeBoer every night.

On Paul Martin:

We talked about he wanted to play. And you take a look at the components and guys that we had, he was very familiar with Paul as Larry Robinson was, Paul played with Kris Letang in Pittsburgh and Kris Letang and Brent Burns have a lot of similarities. high end talent like to go and having the stability of a high end partner. I think Paul is extremely professional also, he pushes some guys back down into roles where they fit a bit better.

On Martin Jones:

We're very familiar with Martin. His junior coach is Davi Lowry who we know very well. Roy Sommer and all our guys saw him while he was down in Manchester and how he played there and obviously we're familiar with how he played in LA. 25 years of age, 6-4, we think he's entering his prime. This is a guy we had at the top of our list, we had a couple of different ways to acquire him but we knew that we were going to get him one way or another.

On Hasso Plattner:

We are very fortunate to have Hasso Plattner. We had a man like George Gunn bring us here and a guy like Hasso to keep us here. Hasso stepped up in a big way, his commitment to the city, his commitment to the city, the players we added this year, the facility. He's given us everything we need. We're very fortunate to have a man that loves the game and is so involved in following this team and this organization. We should all say a big thank you to Hasso.

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