Greatest Sharks: Put a Kork in it

Editors Note: Fear the Fin cannot be held responsible for any illness or subsequent vomiting experienced as a result of reading of one of TCY's horrible puns.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we officially have our first surprise addition to Fear the Fin's "Greatest Sharks" team.

I'm not sure why Korolyuk had such a devoted following, but Korky support was strong throughout the selection process. After an improbable run through the first two rounds of voting (he recieved 5 votes in each of the first two rounds), the Russian Rocket blew by the competition in the third and final poll. Korolyuk netted 38% of the overall vote, becoming the third right wing added to the team.

The battle for the final spot was even closer, as Pat Falloon edged Teemu Selanne to earn a spot on the team. Jump for the final selections, and what the FTF staff thinks of the choices made.

Note: Line assignments are not necessarily determined by order of selection. Once voting has ended and the roster is completed, the FTF staff will determine the best line combinations.

Owen Nolan:

TCY: This might end up being the biggest no-brainer in the entire process. The first round was really only a formality, as Nolan came away with more than 75% of the overall vote. Nolan defined Sharks hockey while he was a member of the black and teal, amassing 451 points during his San Jose career. He also served as captain longer than any other Shark, donning the "C" for five seasons. He is the complete player, bringing not only skill but grit, heart, and toughness to the team.

Mr. Plank: No big surprises here. If you guys hadn't selected Nolan for the first line we would have shut down the blog. Moments like this and this are the things legends are made of.

Arguably the most influential man to ever wear teal.

Mr. K: Sorry that the trade from Quebec / Colorado cost you the Cup... but Sandis Ozolinsh thanks you thanks for the leadership in the Sharks' locker room and on the ice. And for what it's worth, Roman Turek and Dominik Hasek still have nightmares about you.

Jonathan Cheechoo:

TCY: This past year might have affected our overall perception of Cheechoo, but he's been a darn good player in San Jose. He shouldn't have gottent the number one slot, that's for sure, but he's definitely worthy of number 2. I have always admired Cheechoo's work ethic; he's come back (albeit a little slower) from some pretty significant injuries. All in all, Cheech's 159 goals make him a warranted selection.

Mr. K: Where would female attendance at Sharks games be without that handsome devil from Moose Factory, Ontario? (gush...) Now, ahem, about those 56 goals...

Alexander Korolyuk:

TCY: There has always been some strange fascination with Korolyuk, and most of it had to do with his game changing speed. I have never seen a player skate as fast during a game as Korky could; he was a mesmerizing skater. But his skating ability was never the issue. He just never could put the speed together with his skill. His highest goal scoring year was in 2006-2007, when he posted 19 goals to go along with 18 assists. That would be his best offensive season.

The low numbers might have something to do with the injuries (he played more than 60 games only twice in his career), but he could never live up to the hype. We'll find a place for him on the team... but I don't know how much he deserves it (over a guy like Odgers).

Mr. K: It stinks that your former coach Darryl Sutter (were those rumors of a tiff true?) got the last laugh over you with Calgary in 2004... but hey, thank goodness for the Tampa Bay Lightning (did I really just say that?).

Pat Falloon:

TCY: Falloon, the first ever draft pick of the Sharks, was a solid player while in San Jose. After his solid rookie season (59 points) He never lived up to the hype of being a second overall pick, but he put together some nice seasons and helped the Sharks to the franchises' first playoff appearance. In reality, he was destined to be a lower level scoring option on a good team... that's what he'll be here.

Mr. K: Consistency is key... that first season was a blast (um, despite the team's 58 losses), but it was sadly more-or-less downhill from there, your third season in teal (our first good year) not withstanding. Unfortunately, putting up 2 or more straight seasons of consistent play would prove impossible for the rest of your career.

So, that's that. Thanks for voting, and feel free to put your reactions in writing below. Also, look out for the next "Greatest Sharks" vote... Left Wings are coming soon!