Greeting We Bleed Tealians


Or would it be We Bleed Tealers? Who knows, we never decided on a catchy name.

For all of you lifelong readers of Fear The Fin who have no idea what I'm talking about, I used to run a humble blog entitled We Bleed Teal. Wait, humble? Uh-uh. That site was bitchin'.

Regardless, thanks for making the switch. Not much is going to change in terms of content (can't teach a new dog old tricks or something like that), but between That'll Cheech You, Diecast Dude and I, the level of analysis is bound to blow your mind. So pull up a chair (sort of a foolish suggestion considering you're already sitting in one) and make yourself a cup of Earl Grey. Throw a lil sumthin-sumthin in it if that's your style.

Looking forward to having you guys on board.

Go Sharks.