Guaranteed Excitement... Whether You Want It Or Not

The Sharks have re-signed Christian Ehrhoff to a three-year deal.

Ehrhoff is one of the most mercurial players to ever don the teal.  Not personality-wise, but in the way he plays.  He can pull some horrendous boner with a giveaway one shift and start a sparking odd-man rush the next.  There are times he passes like it's a game of hot potato and other moments when he threads the needle.  He can be completely faked out on the defensive end and then break up a scoring chance with a "how did he ever get back there in time" play.  Never a dull moment when he's on the ice, because you're never quite sure what you're going to get.  Rumor has it next season there's be a Ehrhoff blindfold giveaway at the tank to make it easier when 17,496 groan as one "I can't look!" and cover their eyes when he's getting ready to make a play.  Ah well.  As time has gone on he's become less exciting for all the wrong reasons, so hopefully that'll continue and he'll grow into a dependable playmaker.