Happy birthday Nikolay Goldobin

It's Goldobin's birthday and nobody bothered to wish him a happy birthday. So we're going to fix that.

I'll avoid singing because I don't hate any of you nearly as much as you'll hate me if I do, but Sharks prospect and friend of the blog (why not) Nikolay Goldobin is celebrating his 20th birthday today. Apparently no one has gone out of their way to wish him a happy birthday.


In honor of Goldobin's 20th birthday — which, let's talk about that for a moment. This kid is only 20, which means pretty soon NHL regulars are going to be younger than me. This slow approach towards death is absolutely horrifying to me. Anyway, here's a birthday message to Goldobin in Google Translate Russian.

счастливы Николай рождения, мы надеемся, вы набрали много целей для барракуд и что мы будем видеть вас в НХЛ в ближайшее время. любить, бояться плавник.


Happy birthday, Nikolay. Good luck with the Barracuda this year.

Here's a video of him scoring some sweet goals.

And here's a nice article we wrote about him last month.

That's it. S dnem ​​rozhdeniya!