Happy Thanksgiving, Fear The Fin

It is now the fourth year I've been managing editor of Fear The Fin, and each year it becomes easier to find things to be thankful for. I think back to all the time we've spent running the website, going to games, coming up with story ideas, interacting with readers, tweeting, blogging, facebooking, losing sleep in a frantic attempt to finish a story...sometimes it's hard, most of the times it's easy, and there are always days where it lies somewhere in between.

But when I think back to why it is myself and our wonderful staff here dedicate so much time to this little obsession of ours, it's easy to figure out why we keep coming back every single season.

Everything starts and ends with you.

The passion of this community is unparalleled. The discussions that go on are a funny and insightful package all wrapped into one. Sure we may have our disagreements from time to time, but that keeps us all on our toes. Most importantly, that's what makes us a family. A family of individuals who share the same love but approach it in different ways, a family that holds a bond that can transcend minor disagreements and come out of it stronger as we keep a pulse on the team we bleed for.

We won't be eating Thanksgiving dinner together this year, and even if we did, we'd probably drink all your wine and hog all the gravy. You'd justifiably throw us out, we'd go to 7-11 and pick up a taquito, and then we'd forget about it the next day and come back as a stronger community. Because that's what we've always done, and what this community will always do-- grow and progress and evolve into something better and better every single day. We'll also never let a good taquito go to waste, especially if you can get like seven of them for under a buck.

Your passion fuels ours. Your ability to make us think in different ways, to show us different things, and to motivate us to be the best we can be is the one thing that has kept this site alive and active during the last four years.

You are the thread that binds us together. You are our family.

Happy Thanksgiving, Fear The Fin. Have an excellent holiday.