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I could come here and run another Dany Heatley piece or two. Take a swing at some proposed trades. Get all involved and brush up on the Captaincy issues, write a song, go through the salary cap figures for the upteenth time, maybe sneak a peek at the UFA market.


October 1st is going to be like watching Gary Busey punch Corey Perry in the face repeatedly while "Jackie Wilson Said" by Van Morrison plays on some high end speakers. Real top of the line stuff.

[Plank Update 8/27]: New homepage which means a new poll. Also, per Jeff Marek on Twitter, Heatley is playing with Thornton and Marleau today during Team Canada's orientation camp. Too funny.

Boyle is paired with Pronger, making it the second straight day they have skated together.

Concerning the new homepage...

I like it82
I dislike it16