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I Hear Wedding Bells A-Ringin’


Pictured: Valentine on his big night

Dave Valentine is probably going to kill me for publicly mentioning this, but luckily he resides in South Carolina and won’t get the immediate opportunity to do so. As most of you are unaware, he is getting married this weekend to another FTF member, Southern Bell.* What a night it’s going to be. Lots of wine drinking, excellent food, a whole lot of love… and Dave putting on the bride’s dress. I’m sure that’s on the agenda, and probably goes hand in hand with the all the wine drinking.

*No they didn’t meet on the internet. We haven’t turned into a matchmaking service- yet, at least.

All joking aside, Dave has been a fixture around here for the entire season, as well as reading my stuff from the beginning of We Bleed Teal. While I haven’t met him in person, I can tell you a few things about him. He’s dedicated, opinionated, strong minded, and classy. He served his country admirably in the military, served the public on the police force, has knowledge of the Sharks organization most of us would kill for, and brightens the day of everyone who has the pleasure to talk to him. Luckily for us, he has blessed our lives with all that and more.

Dave is a great man, and I’m positive he is marrying a great woman. Congratulations my friend, and most importantly, congratulations to your bride to be. She’s getting one hell of a husband.

Go Dave.

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