I've Made A Huge Mistake.......

Hey there ladies and gentlemen. It is your humble wordsmith.

And I've made a huge mistake.

As most of you have probably realized, the homepage has been returning a 404 error since about 5:30 this afternoon. For the sake of filling you all in, this is what happened:

1) Yours truly posts a "Quote" Fanshot, with the intention to link to an article David Pollak wrote for Working The Corners.

2) Morti informs me that the article links back to the Fanshot, and not Pollak's blog.

3) I fumble around with the url a bit, but cannot manage to figure it out. I delete the Fanshot and attempt to use another one.

4) The home page begins to show the 404 Error immediately afterwards.

I've emailed support and got a message back stating that they received my email and are working on it. Haven't heard anything other than that for roughly two hours. The SBN Tech Team is the best in the biz however, so I've got faith things will be back to normal before tomorrow.

Sorry again for the delay. Until then, these links will help you navigate the site. The home page is the only part of the website that is returning the 404 error, so technically we can still function.

Grab Yo' Reading Glasses

Archives (stories etc.)



Cheers guys, and sorry again for the issues.

Go Sharks.