It's The End Of June, So Let's Talk Hockey

This and that, otherwise known as playing catchup:

  • Rob Zettler and Tim Hunter have both opted to join Ron Wilson in Toronto, meaning John Shrader will have different people behind the bench to talk to next year.  Okay, seriously... I'll miss them, but for Todd McLellan's sake it's probably best he be able to bring in his own people to help with his first NHL head coaching position.
  • Brian Campbell really needs to take "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" by the Clash off the repeat position on his CD player.  No genuine indication I'm aware as to what he'll do.
  • Ryan Clowe is all but signed, this taking him off the restricted free agent market.  Which is a good thing.
  • Patrick Marleau has a no-trade clause in his contract which kicks in on July first.  Somehow I doubt he's going anywhere before then.
  • What are the Sharks most pressing needs?  To me, in no particular order since they're all vital are:/
  1. A playmaking defenseman should Campbell leave;
  2. A physical defenseman capable of taking care of business behind the net when the big boys pay a visit; nightmares of how Brenden Morrow manhandled everything in teal during the playoffs make this deficiency all the more glaring;

A couple of wingers willing to plant themselves in front of the other team's net and able to stay there while making positive things happen.