Ivan has the full recap coming later

but here are some bullet points.

1) Exhibit A why you don't look past Detroit. The "sweep" meme is now alive and well.

2) Safe to say this was the worst game San Jose has played this postseason. That being said, don't piss your pants just yet. Game five will be the hardest game for Detroit to win this entire series. Hate to say it's a must-win considering the Sharks have a 3-1 series lead, but it's just about close. Want no part of a game six at The Joe.

3) Flipped over for the last five minutes of the Montreal-Pittsburgh game. Bell Centre rocking, standard procedure. Not surprised it was voted the second hardest place to play in the NHL. Imagine trying to have sex while 20,000 people root against you. Brutal.

4) If you're mad, you have a right to be. But if you start throwing the entire team under the bus now after keeping mum during the last six games, go jump off a cliff. Steady is as steady goes. Reserve the vitriol and hand-wringing for game five. Tonight, just bask in the ludicrously lopsided result and find some humor in it.

5) Johan Franzen had the most points in a playoff game (6) since Geoff Courtnall of the St. Louis Blues in 1998. Unreal.

Stay classy, FTF readers.

Go Sharks.