Jason Arnott Injury


Courtesy of www.nhlpa.com

For any of those watching the game tonight, I'm sure you saw the Jason Arnott injury scare. For those unaware, Arnott flew into the net and appeared to take the brunt of the impact on his head. He was taken off on a stretcher after remaining motionless for a number of minutes.

Randy Hahn informed listeners during the game that he was transported to a nearby hospital, and was able to move his extremities.

Be sure to keep him in your thoughts.

[Update 8:31 PM]: The Forechecker has an update, and apparently Arnott is going to be alright:

UPDATE #2:  After the game, coach Barry Trotz said that Jason Arnott should be fine to play in Tampa Bay on Friday, as he suffered a neck strain, and not a concussion.

Good news for the Predators, as well as hockey fans everywhere.