Jeremy Roenick insists on feuding with Patrick Marleau

Roenick, unsurprisingly, didn't back down from criticism of Marleau in a Reddit AMA.

I imagine there are all of six of you here who are big Jeremy Roenick fans — meaning most of you didn't know he conducted a Reddit AMA today. Naturally, Patrick Marleau came up. Here's the question and Roenick's response.

This, obviously, doesn't mean anything. Ann Frazier did a great infographic on the most one-sided feud in the NHL a little over a year ago and it's as relevant today as it was when she created it. Marleau, if anything, steps up his "clutch gene" n the playoff — which is to say that Roenick doesn't know what he's talkin about. That's something anyone who has ever watched him on NBC could tell you, of course.

Marleau has never much seemed to care about what Roenick has to say, and it's hard to blame him. He's having a great season and, trade rumors notwithstanding, is arguably the greatest Shark of all time. So Roenick can keep hawking mediocre feuds with players that are better than him in his books if he wants, Marleau will keep on swimming.