Jeremy Roenick is exceedingly boring

Let's make this the last time we spare brain cells on his words.

There's not much worth saying about former Shark Jeremy Roenick these days. As an analyst for NBC Sports, Roenick hasn't ever had much to say that makes much sense. His extremely weird feud with Patrick Marleau has been a point of discussion since the "gutless" comment in 2011 and he got back on the wagon again this weekend.

The basic beef seems to be that the Sharks could be better off without Marleau because his teammates are indifferent to his locker room presence. If we're to accept that as true, and we don't really have much reason to do so, it brings into question just how much we value chemistry — and whether or not we're off the mark there. My thinking on team chemistry is pretty simple: we don't know shit about it.

I'm not going to tell you that it's meaningless (because I have no idea if it is) but in a case like this, the burden of proof lies on Roenick to tell us many things. First, how do we know Marleau's teammates are indifferent to his presence in the locker room? Is this an unnamed source? Is he referring to his time with the Sharks? If he is, what reason do we have to take his word for it? Second, does this actually hurt the team? Can Roenick prove it?

No, he can't. That's not to say it's empirically untrue, but it is to say that Roenick has a history of his mouth writing checks that his ass can't cash. His opinions, or "hot takes," are exceedingly boring because they sound so damn similar to something an anonymous troll on an Internet forum might say. That isn't to say he's always wrong, but it is to say that his opinions too often rhyme with the same idiots who say things to simply get a rise out of people. It can be effective, obviously (I'm writing this post, right?), but it's also so damn boring because it's all stuff we've heard before.

So let's do our very best to forget that this boring excuse for an analyst exists. His arguments, such as they are, could easily be refuted point-by-point, but it's come to the point where it isn't even worth it anymore. It's clear that he doesn't much care if what he's saying is right so long as his checks continue to clear, so it's time to stop giving him the attention he so desperately desires.

Do better, Roenick. You're gutless.