Jeremy Roenick isn't the only person who says stupid things about Patrick Marleau

Mouthbreather says uninformed thing about Marleau. News at eleven.

The 2013 regular season may have begun for the Sharks yesterday but we all know hockey isn't really back until someone uses their undeserved platform to broadcast an uneducated opinion about Patrick Marleau. Throw in something about him being a playoff choker here, sprinkle with some cliches about a lack of leadership and grit there, top it off with a few unsubstantiated claims about him being terrible "in the room" and you've got yourself a great way to kill five minutes of airtime before returning to your miserable, pathetic life.

Calgary radio station Sportsnet 960, staffed exclusively by insightful and original individuals, bravely took aim at some low-hanging fruit Sunday by compiling a "sarcastic player profile" of the man who nearly scored as many playoff goals between lockouts as the entire Flames franchise did. I realize I'm giving them exactly the response they're looking for by writing this story but you can't make this shit up, especially this gem:

Marleau's best trait isn't his skating or shooting but rather his ability to conserve energy. Nobody does it better, always leaving gas in the tank for the Sharks' annual five-game Stanley Cup playoff run.

I don't think I need to explain the irony inherent in a Calgary radio station picking fun at the Sharks' playoff performances.

If you're going to use your dying medium to troll, at least make it funny. After scoring two goals to beat the Flames and kick off another non-playoff season in Calgary, it's clear Marleau got the last laugh here.