Jeremy Roenick vs. Patrick Marleau: THE ULTIMATE INFOGRAPHIC

Jeremy Roenick and Patrick Marleau have the weirdest/best/most one-sided feud in the NHL. It's time an infographic has been created to examine it.

Teammates for two seasons from 2007-08 to 2008-09, Jeremy Roenick and Patrick Marleau seemed to be an unlikely feuding pair. But then Roenick decided to call out Marleau as "gutless" during a post-game segment. And revealed that he went to Marleau's house to tell Marleau to show heart. Marleau then insinuated Roenick was a buffoon that was trying to make himself look better. And then Mike Milbury got in on it, and even got Versus to make JR talk about Marleau doing well in the playoffs (Roenick called Milbury a "donkey" in response).

With the playoffs approaching, I felt it was fitting to make an infographic comparing the two players' goal scoring abilities. And, because a stupid concept (heart) deserves a stupid stat, I've paid extra special attention to game winning goals.

Would you look at that. Patrick Marleau actually increases his goal scoring rate in the playoffs. It's almost like he's not gutless after all.