Jimmy Fallon refers to Logan Couture as "Croatian Tom Cruise"

I...so that's a compliment right?

On Fallon Tonight, which apparently runs at some point tonight on NBC, had some fun at the expense at a pair of San Jose Sharks. Fallon goes after both Joe Thornton and Logan Couture, somehow letting Patrick Marleau's gorgeous eyebrows sneak under the radar.

The late night host refers to Joe Thornton as "most likely to be a puppeteer at a local library," which...

Shit. Okay, so fair enough. Anyway he then refers to Logan Couture as...well, see for yourself.

You know what, that's probably a compliment.

Fallon's superlative in high school was probably something like "most likely to be confused for another milquetoast late night host," which admittedly is better than mine. Honestly, "grows facial hair like Sidney Crosby" is the most insulting way you can be referred to as Crosby. I think. Please don't test this theory.

You win this round, Jimmy.

Edit: Here's the whole video, which includes a Patrick Marleau bit.