Joe Pavelski wins first round of cover vote, now faces Connor McDavid

LA has been beaten — now it's time to take down McDavid.

Sharks fans pulled through in the first round of NHL 17 cover voting, pushing Joe Pavelski past Anze Kopitar. The task gets much tougher now, as Captain America is opposed by Connor McDavid, the newest savior of the Edmonton Oilers. His fanbase is massive, and it'll take aggressive voting to beat the Canadian phenom.

Nothing changes in terms of voting process. Tweeting #NHL17Pavelski or retweeting a tweet that contains that hashtag counts as a vote. If you don't want to flood your Twitter with voting hashtags, I resent you but understand. As such you can head to the NHL's site to vote as many times as you please. It beats working, probably.

If extra encouragement is needed, remember Jo Pawvelski wants the captain to win, too. A vote for Pavelski is a vote for adorable kittens (and good luck charms!)

Looking for a way to vote for Pavelski without embarrassing yourself in front of your Twitter friends? I have a solution. We're enacting operation #DestroyMyMentions. It's a pretty simple solution: send a tweet to @FearTheFin with #NHL17Pavelski included. That way it won't flood your main timeline while still getting out the vote. Seems like too much work? I agree. Go ahead and copy and paste the following line, put it in the tweet box and hit send. Rinse and repeat.

@fearthefin #NHL17Pavelski #DestroyMyMentions

Sound good? Cool. Go Pavs Go.