Join the FTF fantasy hockey leagues!

As the NHL season returns, another season opens up as well: the fantasy season.

Fantasy hockey. You can put hours into maintaining a team, and yet, it's the least interesting thing in the world to anyone else you try to tell about it. Just like your cats or children.

But I love it. If there's a better way to waste some time during hockey season, I don't know it. Other than using these.

With Plank and Matt moving on, and with Neutral and Mike Chen busy providing you with quality articles, the responsibility as primary commissioner falls to me. I will be fair, but will rule you with an iron fist. From this point on, I expect to be addressed as "Mr. Commissioner, Sir."

Fear the Fin will open up three leagues to start things out. If this time is anything like last year, these will fill up pretty quick. Should that happen, we'll open up other leagues and have them run by other community members.

We play 20 teams, head-to-head on Yahoo!

Here are your options right now:

FTF Invitational
League ID: 51886
Password: sheppard

FTF Invitational 2
League ID:60922

FTF 3: Electric Boogaloo
League ID: 60929
Password: ortmeyer

FTF 4: Son of FTF?
League ID: 64488
Password: Nabokov

FTF 5: Revenge of the Eyebrows
League ID: 66934
Password: gund

Sign up here now!

(No, seriously, like now, because the NHL season starts this week!)