Just sayin'


Does San Jose actually give up the division lead when all is said and done? Hard to say definitively, but I don't think they will. Phoenix has been on a six game tear and San Jose struggled pretty extensively since the Olympics. Common knowledge probably states the Coyotes cool off a bit and the Sharks regain their form.

And for what it's worth, San Jose holds the head to head tiebreaker as of this posting, with wins being equal.

As bad as the game was tonight, this is a good thing for the Sharks. They need a kick right in the rear, and boy did they ever get one tonight. It is one of the last wake up calls the team will get before Chicken Little officially opens up shop smack dab in the center of HP Pavilion.

Big time post coming tomorrow morning, big time back to back against Calgary and Vancouver on Thursday and Friday.

Go Sharks.