Kaberle staying in Toronto, what does this mean for San Jose?

So, the Tomas Kaberle trade deadline came and went, and he's still a Maple Leaf. Although the Sharks were involved at the onset, it appears as if they dropped out of the running as early as Saturday afternoon.

I've flip flopped on this topic for a while now, but you have to think that Wilson's strategy was pretty set in stone. We should have realized that with the extension given to Jason Demers, Wilson effectively decided who his second power play quarterback would be.

We talked about Jason Demers' emergence as an NHL regular, but now, he's going to be asked to do much more than that. Even if Wilson were to bring in Willie Mitchell or Kevin Bieksa, Demers would still be expected to provide heavy minutes on the man advantage. Although it's quite possible that he'll improve from his "Sharks Rookie of the Year" season, it's almost a guarantee that the established Tomas Kaberle will score more points on a poorer Toronto squad. He's got experience, and he's playing for a new contract.

While that might not be the make or break factor deciding the Sharks season, the lack of another power play quarterback is going to send some ripples through the roster. Dan Boyle will again have to play a high number of minutes, and as of today, it looks like Niclas Wallin will be finding himself in the top four.

However, Wilson's not done, and the possibility remains that one of Bieksa, Mitchell or another defenseman will be calling San Jose their new home. There aren't really any legitimate puck movers left available, but Wilson hinted that he's looking for "grit" and not "glitz", out of his new blue liner. Per Nick Kypreos of Sportsnet.ca on Twitter:

With Bieksa and Mitchell in play, its slowed the urgency for Kaberle. As of now teams like SJ seems more interested in grit than finesse.

Perhaps that's the right choice. Perhaps it's not. We wont know until the trade deadline at the earliest. At that time, when it's likely that Tomas Kaberle will be shopped again, we'll find out if Doug Wilson had the foresight to see what this team truly needed.

This puts the onus on more than just Wilson and Demers to make this decision look like a good one. Ryane Clowe, who was rumored to be on the move for Kaberle, will have to show that he's willing to play the power forward role he's being paid for. Marc-Edouard Vlasic must also show that he's capable of rebounding from a season in which he regressed offensively.

As of this morning, the team remains in limbo. I stated earlier this month that yesterday would mark an important date in the Sharks offseason. As the day came and went, and Mitchell and Kaberle remained in their respective places, it looks like that prediction was wrong. However, we should have expected as much.

Wilson has never been one to play by another's deadline. His vehemence in not getting bamboozled may be an admirable trait, but it's one that tortures his fans and the people covering the team.

Go Sharks.

All things considered, including players or picks needed to acquire the player, who would you most like to have on the roster next season?

Tomas Kaberle136
Willie Mitchell533
Kevin Bieksa193