Keeping It Going All Summer Long

Fresh off of his gold medal winning performance in the World Championships, which came immediately after the San Jose Sharks season came to an end, Evgeni Nabokov has announced that in order to keep in proper playing condition he has formed a group of investors to bring back the defunct Roller Hockey International league so he'll have somewhere to play this summer.


"Nothing is worse than sitting around for three or more months waiting for training camp," Nabokov said in a press release heralding the league's return.  "When you're used to playing every game week after week and month after month, you need to keep things going so you don't get stale.  With RHI back in business, I can keep playing right up to when it's time to get off the Sport Court and back onto the ice.  It's perfect -- hockey year round!"

Sharks general manager Doug Wilson has received the news with great enthusiasm.  "I commend Nabby for stepping up and being the guiding force behind making this happen," he said at a press conference.  "In fact, I'm encouraging all members of the Sharks to join Evgeni.  You always grow concerned during the off-season that players might not be staying on top of their game.  Most of the guys haven't played a minute since April sixth."

When asked if he meant to say May fourth, the date of the last playoff game, Wilson replied, "I got it right the first time, thanks."