Keeping Tabs - Zubov out, and the REAL reason San Jose beat Phoenix

Time again to keep tabs on our enemies - i.e. the rest of the Pacific Division.

Anaheim Ducks

Other than their 3 game winning streak (which could come to an end today against Carolina), the most noteworthy element of the Quackers is their sphincter-tight team salary, which has forced them to jettison their rookies (including Bobby Ryan) temporarily to accommodate the arrival of goaltender David LeNeveu.  Jean-Sebastien Giguere has completed his visit to Montreal for family reasons, but it remains to be seen if he'll be between the pipes tonight.

The Ducks come to San Jose on December 11.

Dallas Stars

Several items of note:

  • Breaking news - Sergei Zubov is out of the lineup tonight against Edmonton. He hit the boards in Philadelphia on Monday, and after playing 20:00 against San Jose on Friday, speculation from The Dallas Morning News is that he has aggravated his injury. Bear in mind that he missed 12 games from a groin injury this season, to speak nothing of his hernia last season.
  • Dallas sent their prospect Lauri Tukonen to Tampa Bay in exchange for defenseman Andrew Hutchinson. Hutchinson will replace Zubov for the short term, though he is not playing today.
  • The Stars are 3-5-2 in their last 10... ugh... I mean "yay!"

The Stars host the Sharks on December 29.

Los Angeles Kings

The Kings have won 2 straight games, including a 5-2 victory over Chicago.  They face the Toronto Maple Leafs at home tomorrow.  Defenseman Jack Johnson is still recuperating from shoulder surgery, and should be back in January.

The Kings face the Sharks at the Staples Center on December 15.

Phoenix Coyotes

Satire, or eerie coincidence? I've reported before on the connection between the Florida Panthers and the Sharks' few losses. Phoenix had both Olli Jokinen and Garth Murray (former Panthers both) on hand against San Jose when they beat us 4-2 earlier this month. Olli Jokinen, you may have heard, will be out for 2-4 weeks. Garth Murray, you might not have heard, was sent back down to minors, the same day that San Jose faced Phoenix.

So, really, the Sharks won that game last night because the Coyotes ditched their one remaining Cat.  Ice girls and free parking did little to make up the difference.  Ah, it all makes sense now...

(Really, you need to click that hyperlink above in order to understand what the heck I'm babbling about... here it is again)

The Sharks host the Coyotes on January 29.

San Jose Sharks

Our next Pacific Division opponent will be Anaheim at the Shark Tank on December 11, after four full days of rest beginning December 7.  The Sharks begin their five-game homestand on Tuesday against the Toronto Maple Leafs, and former coach Ron Wilson.

Mr. K. wonders how the Shark Tank would respond if Ronnie were able to touch the puck during the game...  At any rate, prepare to see San Jose bite the hand that fed it.