Locker clean-out day coverage

The San Jose Sharks have their last media availability of the season today. We'll have the best of the quotes and stories for you here throughout the session.

So, how are we all feeling? I watched the Canadiens and Bruins game last night, which Montreal managed to steal despite being outshot something close to 1,000 to 100. Go figure. It's a good thing hockey is a great sport, otherwise there'd be little reason to keep watching after...well, you know.

This will be the last time we'll hear from many of these players as Sharks. Heck, there's a chance this is the last time we see Todd McLellan as a San Jose Sharks coach -- that's weird for me; I can hardly remember a time when the Sharks had a different head coach (I know, showing my lack of age here).

The long list of secret injuries will provide little solace to fans frustrated with the team's performance. We have yet to get a meaningful update on Marc-Edouard Vlasic's condition and I'm hoping this is a case of "no news is good news."

More news as it comes in, but for now, a reminder: