Monday Chum Bucket: Ben Eager gets arrested

  • See what happens when there isn't an NHL season? Ben Eager has to resort to starting fights at bars. The former Sharks forward and his brother are facing charges after a pub fight in Toronto. [The Globe & Mail]
  • Great piece by David Pollak looking at the Sharks' new-and-improved coaching staff. Todd McLellan reports that he, Larry Robinson, Jim Johnson and Jay Woodcroft will all be behind the bench for each game with Robinson handling the defense, Johnson determining matchups and, most interestingly, Woodcroft "breaking down shift quality and looking at the stall points or the attack points we talk about in our game. Woody will chart those and who’s involved in them, who isn’t. It may help us recognize quicker who’s playing well and who isn’t." [Working the Corners]
  • Worcester may be winless so far this season but they do have the seventh-highest payroll in the AHL. [NHL Numbers]
  • Today in CBA non-news: Steve Fehr claims the NHL will not be progressing past their last proposal. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Of course, if you want some false hope, here's Tyler Dellow examining the ever-narrower gap between the players' and owners' financial demands. [mc79hockey]