Monday Chum Bucket: Burish plays in PA charity game

  • Adam Burish, who you would be forgiven for forgetting is now a San Jose Shark, participated in an NHLPA charity game in Windsor on Saturday as Team Steve Ott defeated Burish's Team Daniel Cleary by a score of 17-11. Kevin Westgarth somehow scored four goals. [MLive]
  • Speaking of Westgarth, he might not be a great hockey player but the Princeton grad has been an integral part of PA negotiations throughout this lockout. Interestingly, he also claims the "moderate" owners the league brought in this week were woefully uninformed about the process. So basically it was just Jeremy Jacobs and Murray Edwards attempting to strongarm the players without Donald Fehr in the room. [NY Times]
  • If you have fifteen minutes to spare, listen to Ray Ratto discuss his latest column about the lockout on Winnipeg radio. [Illegal Curve]
  • Remember how Gary Bettman threw a tantrum, pulled all NHL "concessions" off the table for about the millionth time during these negotiations and had Bill Daly declare the sides had no reason to continue discussions? In an absolutely shocking turn of events, none of that appears to have actually ended talks as the sides maintained contact over the weekend and look to schedule formal meetings this week. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Wanye travels to San Francisco for a Bulls game, complete with the teddy bear toss. [NHL Numbers]
  • Could the slippery slope of five-year contract limits have far-reaching consequences for hockey? [Winging It In Motown]